REAL TALK: Singles, it pays to listen to your mentors. Don’t rush into marriage.

Alright, this one is lengthy. I appreciate her honesty but the whole time, in my head I was thinking
1) Did her husband use hypnosis on her? Because everything he seemed to tell her, she eventually just gave into.
2) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don’t just get married on a whim. Just because you were forced into it. The moment a guy uses THREATS just so you would marry him is already a tell tale sign that his intentions are not right.
She said it herself, she knew there was something wrong because there was no peace whatsoever in the marriage. She had anxiety attacks.
3) It pays to REALLY GET TO KNOW who you’re marrying. It’s not enough that you go through the online profile and base it on photos and posts. Hang out with the friends and family of your boyfriend. Invite him to also hang out with your own circle.
4) It pays to have mentors and please, LISTEN TO YOUR MENTORS. Her mentors told her they probably need time away from each other. Eventually they warned her not to marry the guy but for some reason, she still decided to marry him. 
5) The guy  lied to her, had no job and dropped out of school. 
Geez. Please watch the video and learn a thing or two. 

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